Save Live Music WNC

Music is the heartbeat of our city and we are fortunate to have so many talented artists and venues that call WNC home. Our festivals, street corners, restaurants and breweries wouldn’t be the same without live music. 

We are in such a unique position right now with regards to the fact that the music community was one of the first to feel the economic impacts of COVID and social distancing and will likely feel it longer than most. The livelihood of musicians, venues, festival promoters and more depends on people being able to gather in large groups. Fans from all over the world come to WNC to not only enjoy the music but to stay in the hotels, eat at local restaurants, and shop at retail stores around the area. 

Simply put, we all need music. We can support our community by supporting music. 

Here’s how you can support music. 

Sign Your Name To Support Independent Live Music Venues
Economic Impact of the Live Music Industry
Resources for Musicians
Resources for Venues

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